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Kite-surfers, sail-boarders, mountain-boarders... Come and practice your favorite sport at the sea, the pound or the sand of La Palme, in this stunning decor. Ideal for sliding sports, La Palme offers navigation sports, whatever your level and by all wind orientations.

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Le principe de ce sport est de se faire tracter par un cerf-volant sur un support et un environnement défini. On navigue en travers du vent à la manière d’une planche à voile (tirer un bord). On manoeuvre l’aile avec une barre ou des poignées (beaucoup plus technique). La barre est reliée à l’aile par 2, 3 ou 4 lignes. L’utilisation d’un harnais (de type planche à voile) est nécessaire afin d’éviter l’épuisement musculaire des bras.
À La Palme : Départ de la petite plage au bout de la digue (Nord de l'étang).


windsurfThe principle of this sport is to be carried away by a kite on a defined support. You sail across the wind like a wind-surf (pulled by a kite). We manipulate the kite with a bar or a grip (more technical). The grip is linked to the kite by 2, 3, or 4 lines. The use of a harness (like in windsurf) is necessary in order to avoid exhaustion of the arm muscles.
In La Palme : departure from south side of the pound, deeper (by the camping "spot des vignes")

Sand-yachting, Land sailing or Landcraft  

char-a-voileSand-yachting, a playful activity, accessible to all, is like a big skateboard, that we sail on the sand. Technically, it's an engine on a chassis with 3 wheels.

In La Palme : on the beach, a large expanse of hard sand allows this practice


powerkiteSpecific material: Mountain-board or buggy for sliding and terrestrial wings for traction power-kite is easily accessible to all. It's a good start for kitesurf activity.

In La Palme:  may be practice on the beach.

Stand up paddle or Sup

stand-up-paddleThat sport imply rowing while standing up, on a large board, surf style, with a paddle. It is also used for fishing.

Sand Kite/ buggy kite / kart kite

char-a-cerf-volantVehicule on wheels, moving with the windsurf traction. The practice can be a relaxing leasure for walks or a sportive activity with speed and acrobatic figures. The pilot sits on the chariot and controls the directions with his feet by the front wheels, and the traction with his hands. It's possible to reach a speed of 5 times the wind!

Les spots de La Palme

Les spots de La Palme sont à certaines zones réglementées et classées "Natura 2000" (panneau d'information sur place). Les spots se situent à la fois sur l'étang où l'on a pied presque partout (idéal pour les débutants) mais aussi sur la plage sauvage protégée. En mer, sur la plage, les bons navigateurs pourront profiter de la Tramontane et du vent marin avec une vue imprenable sur les Corbières. La zone de navigation pour le kitesurf et la planche à voile est balisée à terre par 4 poteaux et sur l’eau par des bouées marquant la limite ouest.

Safety rules

In order to guarantee equilibrium between preservation of the heritage and human activity, a zoning is established on La Palme's pound.

  • GET INFORMED: about navigation areas and safety precautions.
  • BEWARE OF SHARP SHELLS: remember to use your neoprene shoes for water sport.
  • For everyone safety, it is best to learn how to pilot and safety rules first.
  • Beware of sandbanks and bring your anti-algae fin in summer.
  • For paddle: if you do long rides on the sea or some fishing, you'll need a life jacket, a waterproof pouch with a mobile phone, some water and cereal bars. In the case of cold water, wear an underwater suit.

 CAUTION: the pound spot may be dangerous in few water and please mind the beginners.


Always be vigilant as the North-West wind "Tramontane" is very windy and pushes to the high seas.

  • Tramontane (NW) : ) Orientation is "on shore". Remember to drive away from the sea for the waterstart.
  • Marin Wind (S.E.) : ): It's an excellent freestyle spot with smooth water and steady wind. Be ready for a wave of sensations! CAUTION: If you drive too much away from the beach, you may leave the authorized zone.
  • Winf free: Ideal for paddle. The pound at the bottom of the village is ideal for beginners, it's even possible to take lessons with a registered monitor.

Access and parking

From the A9, exit 40 Leucate and Narbonne/ La Palme, on the D6009. First round-about, to the right towards La Palme. Then you are on the D709.

To park without obstruct and sail safely, ask advices to kitesurf schools. Everyone must share this space so we can all spend quality times. CAUTION: Regulated parking!

the pound : 500 meters (2.734 yards) after La Palme village (towards Port-la-nouvelle) turn to the right on the pathway. Park to the right all along the pound. Parking is forbidden beyond the signboard.

the beach: 2 kilometers (1.243 miles) after La Palme village (towards Port-la-nouvelle), turn to the right at the first turn after "les Salins", signboard "Plage du Rouet".

Sail School

CHAR ÉXPERIENCE / Sand-yachting, Land sailing   ( +33(0)6 07 63 99 92 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. -érience

The pound is privileged spot for kite school :

EBKITE Les cabanes de la palme - 11480 LA PALME - Arnaud : 06 13 83 10 43 - - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

WINDYKITE 4 bis rue Roumanille - 11480 LA PALME - Brice : 06 84 85 16 10 - - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CHINOOK Centre commercial - route LEUCATE PLAGE - Tél. : +33 630 820 952 - - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

WESH CENTER CREW Spot du Goulet - 11370 LEUCATE VILLAGE - Tél : 04 68 70 65 46 - 06 87 67 66 62 - 06 72 85 50 69 email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Source : Guide des Spots kitesurf & windsurf Méditerranée :

Voir aussi l'Association palmiste :

Association palmiste
189 lieu-dit les Cabanes de La Palme
11480 LA PALME
Eric : – Laurent :
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

the goal of this association is too:
- Promote kitesurf on La Palme's pound and on the Rouet beach in compliance with rules safety and the respect of the location practice.
- to organise and take part to events.
- to officer, federate and license adherents that wish to integrate an active structure.


Ecoles de voile :