Etang De La palme 01 Romero G. MoyenFishing in La Palme.

Fishing in La Palme is possible on pond or sea but please note that a part of the pond is reserved for professional fishing.

Fishing in Languedoc Roussillon, South France is excellent - thanks to the variety of fish species. Hundreds of rivers, streams, lakes and etangs (salt-water pond) are full with a wide variety of fish. 

Watch out!
Fishing on pond and sea is submitted to restriction concerning the size and weight of the fish. Furthermore an European judgment says that the fishes' backbone tail must be cut.

Fishing using rakes in order to dig up the shellfishes is strictly forbidden

The recreational boaters can only practive fishing on a recreational pleasure: selling the fish you caught is forbidden. The consumption of the fish must be reserved for the fisher and his family.

Watch out! The pond is shallow when the Grau is closed during summer and from December to February. 

The lagoon is a priority zone for the birds. It is indeed a migration corridor. Avoid disturbing the birds especially during reproduction time (from mid-april to mid-august). Don't disturb them, prefer watchiong them trough binoculars. Be quiet and pay attention and they might share their intimacy with you!


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Fish in La Palme

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Fish in Languedoc :

fish in Languedoc







More information :  Affaires maritimes (DDTM) in Port La Nouvelle : 04 68 48 87 70


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Pêcheurs de loisir, pratiquez une pêche éco-responsable et participative pour une meilleure connaissance et préservation de la biodiversité marine.

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