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This landscape is exceptional. You can see its very special geometrical structure. Go ask the Tourism Office or click on the rando " Le sentier des carriers " that will lead you to the quarry. 

Covering 400 hectares the Salin is situated between the northern part of the pond and the seaside that goes along the railway. The Salt Flats are the products of the management of the environement by men.

History of La Palme Salt Flats 


In July 2013, on La Palme's beach, "Le Rouet" (the pumping station) is put back in order. Indeed the salt exploitation started again thanks to the initiative of its leader Monsieur Patrice GABANOU.




La saliculture


Salt is loccaly exploited since Ancient Times. It is a raw material, essential to life, used for food conservation. In the departement of Aude we can count 3 principal places : Sainte Lucie in Port La Nouvelle (out of order), Gruissan, and La Palme. 


graphics249                                                                  "Le Rouet" in La Palme beach.


Salt exploitation had been totally stopped in 2005, but the site was still full of water because of biodiversity concerns. For the reason of vandalism the pumps were taken off the Rouet. For now on this wooden empty structure belongs to La Palme legacy. 

graphics248The Salt Flats is a humid zone that creates a rich bidiversity. Several species of birds are present on the pond. Some of those species are even protected on a national level.

Salins La Palme 02 Romero G. rognée







Fête du Sel 2015 IMG 2512





Salt and Muscat event.
Fête du Sel et du Muscat




Vernissage SALIN 2015 DSC04984 Carole redim




Private view.








Salins La Palme 05 Romero G. rognée














Must see or do in La Palme Salt Flats

VISIT OF THE SALT FLATS : By little train, by horse-drawn carriage, by bike discover the secret of the salt.


More information at the Salin Shop.

By little Train :

Duration : 0:45 
Opening hours : More information at the Salt Flats shop.




Calèche SALIN La PalmeBy horse-drawn carriage : 

Duration : 0:45
Opening and departure hours : More information at the Salt Flats shop.


By bike : « The Salt Flats ome other way » 

Duration : 2:30 with a meal at the restaurant "le Hameau du Saunier"


 Horse-drawn carriage    
  maxi. 7 pers.


  little train

   By bicycle
    + Meal

    Adults      13,50€     7,90€        39€
        Duo            75€
    Children      11,50€     6,90€        22€
    Family         38,50€          116€
    Group        By  reservation     6,90€      222€

  (Visit only)  


    5,90€          -  

(Visit + Cultural workshops)

          -     6,90€         -

Children : from 4 à 14 years old & Freeuntil 3 years old - Visit by bike : Children : from 6 to 14 years old, Family : 2 adults + 2 children (-5% from fifth child), Group : (from 6 pers) - Train : Group : minimum 10 adults - School : free for 1 helper for 10 children.

Information and reservation : +33(0)4 68 46 26 91 (They speak english)


New  2016 !!! 

Oenological workshop
Each Thursday starting from 6:30 pm (July/August)
Duration : 1:30
Host : Thiphaine, Sommelier "Vin4hTours" Logo TH Langue des signes parlée uses French sign language.
Plate of tapas.
By Réservation (mini. 6 pers)
Rates : 25€ per personne

Guided tours by 2CV
Each Tuesday starting from 4:30 pm (July/August) 
Duration : 2h30   -  Au départ du Salin.
Guide/Host : Isabelle from  "Vin 4 heures Tours", visit treasure of the Village and guided tour of Salt Flats by little train.
By Réservation.
Rates :
Adulte : 30.90 € 
Children : 22.90 € 
Family (2 adults + 2 children) : 91.60 €


logo camping-car Park


The camping car area of the Salt Flats is open each year. More information :  Camping-car Park



Salt of thousand spices, Wines, and local products.

Rates : Free entry



Wine bar, tapas (local products).

Salin Restaurant DSC04986 CArole rognée



Phone : +33(0)4 68 46 26 91

Restaurant " Le Hameau du Saunier " 
By réservation for group.



Fête du Sel 2015 IMG 2554

PAILLOTTE " La Mer à Boire " 

In atypical surroundings with Salt Flats view.

As a family, amongst friends or in couple, have a good musical time !!!

July and August (from Thursday to Saturday) service on the evening only.

facebook-logo La Paillotte : click here



The event "La fête du sel" is organized  each year in mid-July. Exhibitions (painting, sculpture, photos). Concerts and musical festival and Land Art with the beauty of each passing season.


Parking free for cars and bus    -    Camping-car area with facilities.



LIEU DIT PACHEYRASSO 11480 LA PALME - Phone. : +33(0)4 68 46 26 91
e-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web Site: - facebook-logo
GPS  : Longitude 3.01992365 - Latitude 42.9806238




pictos voir lapalme-04See the photos of "Salt Festival (Fête du Sel)" click here  -   Photos of Salt Flats by Gérard ROMERO on Google+ click here.

Hiking in La Palme to see panoramic view of Salt Flats, pond and Mediterranean sea click there

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