Wild or cultivated, beautiful and ageless with a greenish bushy foliage, it is considered to be the symbol tree of Languedoc. 



A little History

graphics239The culture of the olive tree has been introduced in Languedoc by the Greeks during the 6th century BBC. Olive tree is very strong and can adapt to almost every ground. He needs few water mais if it is necessary he can find it in the deeper ground. This tree is very sentive to humidity and freeze. 

Olive oil and health

graphics240Olive is one of the basics of Mediteranean food. It contains calcium and a lot of essentials vitamines. 

Stomach: Olive oil is a powerful anti nauseic. 

Liver and gallblader: It helps the liver in eliminating the toxines.It is also a help for people with rocks in gallblader. 


Intestines : Olive oil helps digestion of greasy food. The whole energy of the igredient is then only consumed by your organism.

Heart and blood : because of its biological inmpact, olive oil is the lipids the most used for special prevention diets. 

Brain : Olive oil is rich in vitamines. It protects the human brain from early old age diseases.

Olive oil can also be used has a beauty helper...

Angainst the wrinkles : twice a week before going to bed apply a mix of olive oil and lemon juice on your face.

Bath Oil : put a half-spoon of olive oil and few drops of essential oil in your bath.

White teeth : Gently rub your teeth with a drop of olive oil, wiat 5 minutes, smile.



The harvest of the olives is set from october to january. At this time of year you can witness the windmills and taste the best olive oil.