It is certain that the foundation of La Palme dates from before the Charlemagne era, since its strategic situation, at the edge of the famous "Voie Dominitienne" was a fundamental stopping place.
At "la Maison du cru Fitou" to "Les Cabanes", it is possible to admire a reproduction of the "Voie Dominitienne" along with a copy of the milestone found in "le Rieu de Treilles" that marks out the borderline between Caves and La Palme. The original, which was found after the 2nd world war, is now on display at Narbonne's archaeological Museum.

        There are 3 reproductions of the milestone:
        -1 at "la maison du Cru Fitou" at "Les Cabanes".
        -1 in front of Cave's the town hall.
        -1 on the first floor of the "Musée des Corbières" in Sigean. At the musem, it is placed by the pictures from other milestone found in sheepfolds from "Roquefort des Corbières".

Informations about "Musée des Corbières":

This milestone is very interesting as it bears the oldest Latin inscription from "Gaule", which refers to the renovator of the ancient Spanish road: Cnéius Domitius Aenhobarbus.