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L'ancienne distillerieromarin

The old distellery of lavender and rosemary of La Palme was selling a part of the production to the town of Grasse, famous for the quality of its perfume.

The women of the village were roaming through the garrigue in order to find those precious plants.  This distillery was on l'avenue de la Mer, on the right before leaving the village.

Extract from the book of Joë Bousquet "Le roi du sel" :

...une usine rouillée où s'amoncelle le romain qu'on y traitait naguère et qui mêle à l'odeur du sel et de l'anguille le soleil évanoui des herbes distillées... 


 Ancienne Gare de La Palme 139 MoyenL'ancienne Gare de La Palme.

The old station used to be near the beach.