La Plage du Rouet LA PALME DSC02721 Carole Moyen


Le Rouet on La Palme's wild beach.


Le Rouet is the pumping station for the Salin de La Palme.

After 6 years out of order it has been put back in 2014. 

Rouet Crédit photo Le Salin de La Palme 2




Le Rouet is wooden made...              

...Its dock invites you to a journey     




Canal du Rouet sur la Plage de La Palme SALINS ASC 4857 J. Belondrade Moyen

Crédit photo : Le Salin de La Palme


This channel is used for salt exploitation, it is full of crabs and little fishes. 


This is how the water sea is brought to the Salin. 


Crédit photo : Jean Belondrade


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