Saint Pancrace Roman Chapel from the Xth century

graphics23The small chapel, dedicated to St Pancrace stands between vineyards and scrublands in a beautiful site of the "Corbières Maritimes", 2km (1.2 miles) away from La Palme, and is located near the ancient "Dominitienne" road.

This area was once a small village given to the Auriac family by the viscounts from Narbonne during the XIII century. In the Gallo-Roman times, the Romans, who were occupying the country, raised in this site that was skirting the "Dominitienne" road, a monument - temple, or perhaps a church in honour of St Pancrace.

Indeed, St Pancrace was martyred in Rome during the persecution of Diocletian in 304AD. He was an important saint for the Romans. In the IV century, they built a church to his name in Roma (Aude archives).

So, this chapel was a church from a tiny village in the 10th century with his Lord. All around, residents constructed a cemetery. Tombs were found during the pine plantation in 1948. Some were filled with vases without handles "(Caroligien" style) which must have contained Holy water. The bones are now resting under the "calvaire", built to receive them.

Free guided visits of the Saint Pancrace Roman chapel will take place from 3pm to 6pm on saturdays and sundays in July, August and September.rendez-vous on site.






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