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AOC Fitou

Fitou, two strong syllables that tells a lot about the most ancient Languedocian, decreed on the 28th of April 1948. With 300 days of sun per year, strong and dry winds, scattered vineyards, dry stone walls, narrow terraces, steep slopes and wild scrublands, the decor is set.

The AOC Fitou, it's also 4 different kinds of grapes and one particularity: to only be turned into red wine!
Carignan, Grenache Noir, Syrah and Mourvèdre, are complex and structured fine wines.
Fitou goes well with several dishes like: Leucate's heels, roast game, roast veal with olives and delicious salads.

AOC Corbières

Natures created those landscapes, men enriched it. By his work, since millenias, he shaped the country. Castles up in the hills, Cystercienne abbeys, Roman Chapels and Languedocian ancient country houses mark out the territory.

Corbières, its 1800 wine-growers whose vineyards extend from the Mediterranean shore to the Pyrénnés foothills. This diversity creates several wines which makes the typicality of the Corbières, mostly red wines: fruity, aromatic but also rosés: Syrah and Grenache, which are fruity and white wines: structured and surprising by their freshness and smoothness.

Wine-makers and those who play a part of the regional tourism have organised the area to make discover the wealth of it and the Mediterranean culture better.

AOC Rivesaltes

When the Label "Rivesaltes" was promulgated in 1936, the wine-makers from La Palme were already producing delicious Mistelles, sweet and partially fermented wines. La Palme belongs to 9 neighbouring towns from Pyrénnés-Orientales where labelled wines from Rivesaltes & Muscats are produced.

There are 4 types of Rivesaltes: Ambré, Tuilé, Grenat and Hors d'age. Hors d'Age mention may be attached with: Rivesaltes, Ambré and Tuilé matured for more than 5 years. Rivesaltes Grenat is tastier, rich in aromas. Rivesaltes Tuilé and Ambré is matured for a minimum of 30 months in an oxidative environment. Vin Ambré is complex, with some candied orange, gingerbread, dried fruit, caramel and sweet spices notes. Vin Tuilé is more intense with cocoa, coffee, tabaco and candied fruit notes.

AOC Muscat Rivesaltes

The wines labelled "Muscat de Rivesaltes" are always white. Young Muscats are pale gold, with aromas evoking peaches, limes, mangos and mints. After a few years, their colour turn amber, and aroma evolves to honey and apricot candied notes.
Christmas Muscat is the first Muscat from Rivesaltes of the year. It is obtained after the wines from the last grape harvest time and will be commercialized from the third Thursday of November until the end of January.

La Palme wine cellars

While walking in the village, you'll surely come across a tractor going to or coming back from vineyards. You'll also notice several colored gates, where wine-makers create wines.  

You may meet those winegrowers ! They will open their gates and make you discover their knowledge and the local wealth. 

You'll taste a Muscat from Rivesaltes, or a Corbières and of course a delicious Fitou !

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